Macadamia BioOil

Swiss Recipe

Luxury Cream


Intense firmness and moisture

Silky smoothness, elasticity, skin soothing

24-hour moisture

UVA / UVB filters


for dry and very dry skin

argan oil  *Hyaluronic acid * vitamins A, E, F


Luxury firming and smoothing cream for dry and very dry skin requiring deep nourishment and immediate soothing.

Macadamia biooilshallows wrinkles, protects skin against free radicals and harmful action of  UV radiation, moisturises and firms.

Argan oilvisibly rejuvenates and smoothes out, immediately gives silky smoothness and softness to the skin and long-lastingly moisturises it.  

Hyaluronic aciddeeply moisturises, smoothes out and firms the skin. 

Vitamins (A, E, F) compleximproves firmness and elasticity, restores skin softness.