Nourishing Face and Body Cream

Nourishing Face and Body Cream


Face and Body Cream

24 hour moisturization and protection
freshness, softness, soothing of the skin
perfectly absorbing formula • non-sticky


for every skin type

d-panthenol • allantoin • avocado oil

formulated in cooperation with a dermatologist

swiss recipe

Crčme nourrissante pour la face et le corps

tous types de peaux

d-panthénol • allantoďne huile d’avocat • FILTRES UVA/UVB

Long-lasting protection and intensive care. The perfectly absorbing nourishing cream contains all the richness of the Swiss recipe, with strongly moisturizing and soothing properties.
Gives an instant sense of comfort already after the first application, leaving the skin of the face and body soft and fresh, while giving it a delicate and very pleasant fragrance.
Avocado oil – nourishes and deeply regenerates.
D-panthenol + Allantoin – have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, intensely moisturize.
APPLICATION: apply every day to the face and the whole body, to make the skin soft and perfectly moisturized.