8 in 1 TOTAL ACTION Hand & Nail Cream-Mask

SOS for 8 problems of hand skin and nail

1. Overdried hand skin

2. Wrinkles

3. Redness and irritation

4. Skin dehydration

5. Discolourations

6. Chapped skin

7. Loss of firmness

8. Fragile and brittle nail

Total Action 8 in 1 Multifunctional Hand & Nail Cream-Mask comprehensively and professionally regenerates overdried hand skin. Brings relief to rough, damaged and irritated skin, reinforces brittle nails. Innovative formula rich in intensely acting active ingredients immediately moisturizes and  nourishes hand skin and protect against external factors. The cream overcomes  8 essential problems of hand skin and nail.

Ingredients contained in Velvet  Hands Skin Complex ™ perfectly smooth out and restore silky smoothness to the skin.  

Hyaluronic acid and UREA 5% deeply and long-lastingly moisturise and firm hand skin.

Glycerine perfectly protects against harmful external factors. 

D-panthenol and allantoin soothe any irritations and reduce redness.

Vitamin E stimulates epidermis renewal and makes hands look younger. 

Application: several times a day rub a small amount of the cream into the clean hand skin.