Intensely Regenerating Hand Cream-Mask


Intensely Regenerating Hand Cream-Mask immediately restores the comfort to even very dry, chapped and irritated skin, making it regain softness and elasticity. Exclusive, super-concentrated formula rich in snail slime filtrate, moringa oil, camellia oil, shea butter and 5 PRO-OIL RENEW™ globally regenerates hand skin:

1.Reinforces the natural protective barrier.

2.Deeply moisturises and intensely nourishes damaged skin.

3.Ensures the effect of immediate soothing and irritation relief.

4.Accelerates renewal of damaged epidermis.

PRECIOUS ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: snail slime filtrate, moringa oil, 5 PRO-OIL RENEW™complex

Application: small amount of the cream-mask rub into hand skin. Use several times a day.