Actively Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Cream-Serum

Innovative formula of the Actively Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Cream-Serum based on the revolutionary LUMISKIN™ 4D WHITE COMPLEX, ensures visible effect of clearly illuminated and radiant skin just from 1st application.

Actively Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Cream-Serum based on unique LUMISKIN™ 4D WHITE COMPLEX reduces discolouration and deep wrinkles. Makes skin become smoother and more radiant. The cream stimulates cell restoration, reducing proneness to new discolourations. Due to light and non-greasy texture it absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and pleasant to the touch.

MATRIXYL®3000 and MATRIXYL®SYNTHE’6™ PEPTIDES demonstrate unique firming properties and restore youthful facial contour.

HYALURONIC ACID called the “natural filler” visibly reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates facial features.

LUMISKIN™ illuminates skin and evens out its tone.

LIPOMOIST™ perfectly moisturises and prevents water loss.