4% repair SNAIL filtrate

PEP-7REPAIR™ • Matrixyl®Synthe’6™ • PRODIZIA™

CONCENTRATED ULTRA-REPAIR CREAM 60+ significantly increases skin regeneration abilities, acting as GLOBAL REJUVENATION ACTIVATOR:

1. Reduces wrinkles and models facial oval:
Snail slime filtrate and Matrixyl®Synthe’6™ biomimetic peptide act as a non-injection wrinkle filler as well as model facial oval.

2. Evens skin tone and optically rejuvenates:
PRODIZIA™ and illuminating Niacynamide reduce photo-ageing effect, restoring radiant, youthful skin tone.

3. Intensely rebuilds and firms:
PEP-7REPAIR™ innovative heptapeptide stimulates the proper course of regeneration processes, thus the skin becomes firmer, nourished and smooth.