EXPRESS MULTIFUNCTIONAL regenerating conditioner 10in1

EXPRESS MULTIFUNCTIONAL regenerating conditioner 10in1

without rinsing

For dry, damaged and dyed hair

ARGAN KERATIN SILK is a revolutionary, ultra-light, express spray conditioner recommended for every type of hair, especially dyed and damaged. The conditioner works in two phases: in REGENERATIVE 360° phase the hair is expressly, deeply nourished and rebuild; SHINE&VOLUME phase concentrates on giving the hairstyle healthy shine, volume and bringing up the colour. Innovative, intelligent formula of the conditioner does not weigh t down the hair despite the rich content of active ingredients! After using conditioner the hair is velvety smooth and shiny and the hairstyle gains shape, volume and durability. The conditioner perfectly protects the hair against the external factors. It facilitates combing and disciplines hair.

Multifunctional conditioner 10 in 1:

1. Intensely regenerates hair and tips.
2. Deeply nourishes.
3. Long-lastingly moisturises.
4. Rebuilds hair structure.
5. Facilitates combing and styling. 
6. Ensures exceptional shine.
7. Gives velvety smoothness.
8. Increases volume and hair style durability.
9. Enhances the colour of dyed hair.
10. Protects hair against external factors.


Shake well before use. Evenly spray wet or dry hair on their entire surface or only at their tips. Do not rinse. Do not apply on irritated scalp.

Application onto dry hair prolongs the hair freshness.