Maskara Volume Celebrity is a cosmetic that combines the properties of mascara and restorative serum, allows for a perfect combination of extreme length, unusual volume and density of eyelashes. Exceptionally perfectly profiled toothbrush precisely separates and lifts the lashes from the root to the ends, and prevents the formation of lumps. The effect is visible already after the first application, and each subsequent one will enhance the power of bolding and maximum elongation to the limit!

The cosmetic contains specially selected care ingredients:

- mineral pigments and natural Carnauba Wax - stimulate eyelashes to grow, prevent hair loss and breakage.
- D-panthenol - rebuilds the hair structure, visibly thickening and thickening lashes.
- the most valuable ingredients of Jojoba oil, rich in vitamins A, F and E - they deeply moisturize, soften and strengthen eyelashes.

Regular use of the unique Volume Celebrity mascara will give your eyelashes vitality and flexibility!