Modelling pencils from CONTOUR SENSATION series allow to obtain perfect look thank to skillful use of chiaroscuro effect. They highlight cheekbones and divert attention from the areas that we prefer to hide. 
A few simple strokes are enough to get the results worthy the best make-up artists.


• Soft, creamy consistency of the product, easy to spread.
• Basic directions for application on the label.
• Practical form of the stick does not require sharpening, allows for comfortable and precise application.


STEP 1 CONTOUR – the first of four contouring steps, is used to model and optically slim the face.

STEP 2 BRONZE – the second of four contouring steps, excellent to obtain natural effect of modelled face. Bronze Step 2 pencil can be successfully used as standard bronzer.

STEP 3 HIGHLIGHT – the third of four contouring steps, for lightening and highlighting parts of the face. 

STEP 4 STROBING – the third of four contouring steps, ideal for perfect make-up finish. The pencil can be successfully used independently, for  STROBING.