EVELINE FOUNDATION LIFT PRO EXPERT, thanks to its light and liquid consistency can be applied exceptionally smoothly on the skin and becomes invisible. Smoothes the skin and evens its tone. Ensures fresh and perfect look throughout the day.

Foundation’s ultralight and modern formula has also advantages of the skin care product. It contains:

Hyaluronic acid with rejuvenation and regeneration action, in order to provide the skin proper moisturisation and youthful resilience,

Panthenol decreases water loss through epidermis and effectively moisturises the skin giving softness and elasticity,

Vitamin E immediately smoothes minor wrinkles and helps the skin to achieve more firm and sharp look.


RESULT: Perfectly smoothedand firmed skin with even tone. It looks youngerday each day.

COVERAGE  LEVEL: medium to high.

Colour versions

No. 300
No. 301