LipS Concentrated Serum 8in1

Eveline Lip Therapy Professional nourishes and cares delicate lip skin, at the same time deeply moisturising it and protecting against loss of moisture. Thanks to the ingredients ensuring restoration of lipidic layer of epidermis, the serum effectively regenerates even very dry, irritated and chapped lip skin, bringing it relief and alleviation. It ensures long-lasting protection against sun (SPF 15) and harmful action of other external factors
(cold, wind), making lip always soft, elastic and silky smooth. The formula of Concentrated Lip Serum 8 in 1 Eveline Lip Therapy Professional is enriched with argan oil, called the elixir of youth, as well as vanilla and avocado extracts that stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin making lip firmer and more elastic.

The product is dermatologically tested.