Eveline Cosmetics hybrid nail polishes is the palette of 34 colours and specially selected base and top. Wide, comfortable brush and easy to apply formula will enable you to perform ideal, professional hybrid manicure without leaving home. You can enjoy its durability even up to two weeks.

Hybrid base is the basis for hybrid manicure.  Its main task is to protect nail plate (it is the only coat that sticks to it directly) and to increase adhesion of a nail polish. At the same time the base evens nail plate, thus the manicure is perfect.

The task of the hybrid top is to increase  durability of manicure (the top "closes" nail polish and protects it) and to provide  beautiful, long-lasting glow. Please note that after applying it and curing with a lamp, the slightly sticky dispersion coat has to be removed. Then the manicure is ready and nails shine beautifully.


Colour versions

No. 290
No. 291
No. 292
No. 293
No. 294
No. 295
No. 296
No. 297
No. 298
No. 299
No. 300
No. 301
No. 302
No. 303
No. 304
No. 305
No. 306
No. 307
No. 308
No. 309
No. 310
No. 311
No. 312
No. 313
No. 314
No. 315
No. 316
No. 317
No. 318
No. 319
No. 320
No. 321
No. 322
No. 323
No. 324
No. 325
No. 326
No. 327
No. 328
No. 329
No. 330
No. 331
No. 332