Innovative formula of the serum-conditioner, rich in an ultra - effective composition of active ingredients, intensively reinforces the nail tips exposed to cracking, mechanical damage and splitting.

Unique rebuilding and hardening serum effectively seals the nail plate, protecting it against all kinds of damage.

Regular application of the serum helps to improve the condition of the nail and supports its growth.

KERATIN PRO conditioner is also an excellent regenerating treatment after hybrid or acrylic manicure.

K++ Strong Nails innovative formula comprising Pistacia lentiscus and Alium sativum extract effectively reinforces the structure of the nail plate, stimulating production of keratin - the important component of the nail.

Concentrated composition of the new generation ingredients intensively regenerates and hardens the nail, protecting it against damage.

Serum-conditioner enriched with lemon and eucalyptus oils evens the colour of the nail plate and protects it against dryness.

The oils restore proper level of moisturisation and exceptional elasticity to the nail.

Application: apply the serum onto the nail tips 2-3 times a week.

Do not apply onto the skin around the nail, as this may cause its thickening.