Professional hybrid gel polish remover HYBRID PROFESSIONAL GEL POLISH REMOVER

Exceptionally effectively removes traditional as well as durable nails manicure.

Quickly dissolves even very thick layers of nail polish.

Thoroughly cleanses and degreases the nail plate without drying it.

Specially developed formula containing biotin and glycerine, enriched with youth vitamins complex A, E, F and pro-vitamin B5 makes the nails nourished, moisturised and perfectly prepared for further cosmetic treatments.


• Exceptionally effective product – removes hybrid make-up in just 5 minutes,
• Friendly in use, enriched with vitamins complex A, E, F, biotin and glycerine, does not dry the nail plate and epidermis.
• With nice scent of strawberries and vanilla.

The product coherent with hybrid nail polishes  HYBRID PROFESSIONAL GEL POLISH