Autumn Look

Autumn Look

1.      CC Cream  Magical Colour Correction is a multifunctional product intended for daily care of any skin type. The cream directly after application turns into light foundation. It evens out skin tone giving it matt look.

2.       Art. Make –Up is a powder which formula is based on natural mineral ingredients. Efficient, easyapplicable, perfectly sticks to the skin without creating the “mask like effect”. Thanks to semi-transparent consistency it matches perfectly to skin tone.

3.      Quartro Eyeshadows in classical colour sets  are the ideal way of putting on a perfect eye make-up both for a day and for the evening.

4.      Eyeliner  Celebrities will enhance eye contour and optically dense eyelashes giving the make-up explicit character.

5.      Big Volume Explosion is the new  special task mascara. Shaped brush combined with innovative formula of the mascara makes  that become thick, expressive and properly curled. The mascara stays on the eyelashes all day long without dusting.

6.      Lovers Ultra Shine creamy lip gloss gives intensive shine. The content of a small shiny particles reflect the light thus making lips seem fuller.

7.      With the use of blusher we can model facial shape and revive skin tone making it look bright and relaxed.

Tip! If you want to make your face optically narrower apply the mascara under the cheekbone. It is the best when you pull out the cheeks and apply the blusher in their indentations.

8.     Finally the nails only in 12 fashionable autumn colours of  Mini Max nail polish. A flat brush will ensure the cover of the nail plate with first application.