Beautiful mother

1. Smoothing and mattifying base under the make-up will even the complexion, optically reduce skin pores and ensure complexion’s  matt effect for many hours.

2. Liquid concealer will cover bruising around the eye and applied on the eyelid it evens its colouring. Concealer is also the ideal eyeshadows base. Gently patted into the eyelid it prolongs durability of the eyeshadows and prevents its deposition in the bend of the eyelid.

3. Magical Cover foundation will moisturise and give the complexion radiant look. Thanks to mineral pigments it covers imperfections of the complexion. UVA/UVB filters protect against harmful effect of sunbeams.

4. Quatro Eyeshadow are the unique durable eyeshadows. Specially selected formula containing micro particles allows nice penetration of the colours on the eyelid. Numbered mouldings make it easier to put on a professional make-up.

5.  Eye Max Precision eyebrow pencil will underline the eye and strengthen the colour of the eyeshadows. Drawing a thin line on the upper eyelid will optically thicken the eyelashes.

6. SOS Lash Boster eyelashes serum will nourish and strengthen the eyelashes. Argan oil and hyaluronic acid penetrate into the eyelashes structure stimulating their growth and increasing their volume. The serum is also a perfect base under the mascara. It will strengthen the mascara and will prolong its durability.

7. Mascara Mega Max is meant for special tasks. First application will thicken and prolong eyelashes, thanks to which it will be a perfect solution as a daily finish of the eye make-up.  Duplication of the application will give the effect of artificial eyelashes ideal for the night out. 

8. Lovers Ultra Shine lip gloss gives intensive shine ensuring the effect of delicately moisturised lips. Shiny particles reflect the light optically enlarging lips.

9. Mini Max nail polish is a shiny, durable colour for a long time. Thanks to the unique formula it ideally spreads on the nail plate giving a beautiful colour and intensive gloss.