Face masks

The proper complexion care does not only come down to the choice of the proper cream but it is a planned series of treatments starting from the proper make-up removal and skin wash, cosmetics selection adapted to the type and the most important needs of the skin as well as the use of different products such as: peelings, serum forms, face masks, area preparations and using the products meant for designated area care (such as care products for the skin around the eyes). Dermatologists warn against using too many cosmetics in the same time because it can paradoxically lead to over activity and skin irritation. Mature skin care requires special attention and selection of the proper products which will stimulate skin, supplement missing elements, rebuilding and sealing protective lipid barrier. The cream should have an immediate smoothing, moisturizing effect and often increasing skin tension. The far more important is long-lasting effect of the product, which guarantees that its application significantly affects the delay in wrinkles formation and other changes connected with skin ageing. Cosmetic possibilities bring more and more advanced technological products, which components have proved and confirmed by the research impact on skin. Face masks for a long time have been used in skin care, because they brought immediate complexion look improvement effect, but it was not so long ago, just two decades ago when they were associated with products based on natural stock, sometimes produced even from different products available at home. Currently we advise against making face masks from this type of products because, not only, part of them such as: vegetables and fruits can contain chemical substances which are used in cultivation process but additionally they do not have any carriers, which would make vitamins and nutritional substance to be transported into the skin.  In many media messages the humorous aspect is used where a woman with a face mask must hide from the rest of family members in order not to make them laugh by the way she looks. Modern face masks are of course quite different products and they function as an independent products or are attached to the cosmetics series as their supplement.

Modern face masks often have consistency similar to the cream but they contain higher concentration of nutritional substances and they affect the skin faster. A woman should use them at least twice or three times a week when she feels that her skin requires more intensive regeneration. Eveline Cosmetics company pays attention to supplement series with products with face mask forms. Diamonds&24kGold line is one of the product which very popular and acclaimed among women. Diamond microcrystals increase the amount of lipids in the skin called sirtuins.  These enzymes have influence on the length of cell life. 24k gold has soothing effect on skin, stimulating collagen synthesis, slows down melanin production what leads to alignment of the colour and skin brightening. Face mask from this series additionally contains extracts from the plant stem cells, which task is to influence better functioning of cells renewal processes. There are also components which rejuvenate complexion and prevent transepidermal water loss from the skin.

Face mask from CellSkinCare™ line is a product which composition guarantees intensive face, neck and décolleté skin regeneration. Its basic component, which are metabolites derived from the internal of the stem cells of gardenia stimulates stem cells of the skin and helps to preserve vitality. 24k gold supports skin revitalization and prodizia™ decreases the signs of skin fatigue. In the face mask there are antioxidant components (vitamin E, argan oil) and substrates responsible for moisturization and skin smoothing such as: hyaluronic acid, shea butter, plant ceramides. Women who cannot deal with dry skin, irritation and the lack of elasticity can use from intensively rejuvenating face mask with argan oil. This component is very popular in the cosmetics because of its many advantages to the skin. It is rich in protective polyphenols, omega 6 and 9 acids and contains a large amount of vitamin E in the form of tocopherol complex. It has anti-inflammatory, soothing properties, supports moisturization and renewal. Shea butter, a substrate received from shea nuts it is a component with large affinity to lipid layer of the epidermis, what has protective and strengthening effects. Another component of the face mask – Collasurge™ supplements the shortage of the collagen in the epidermis and accelerates its production.

Argan Oil face mask was also enriched with vitamis and soothing skin and irritations: betaine and d-panthenol. Face masks in the modern care cosmetics  are one of the necessary treatments, which should be delivered to the skin. Well selection and systematic use can bring both immediate effect improving skin look as well as with systematic care they can have a permanent positive effect for the skin. Modern face masks are applied on the face with quite a thick layer enabling skin occlusion and after several minutes the face mask should be removed with the use of the tissue or a swab. Face masks – creams are very convenient in use because their application is easy and under the thick layer of the mask there is a heat which causes better circulation and as a result it brings an improvement in oxygen exchange. This state enables better skin nutrition and increases effectiveness of active substances transportation. Face mask does not replace a cream but it is a valuable supplement for the skin care.

Bożena Bierzniewska