Intimate hygiene

Dermapharm LactaMED™ – ideal gel for intimate hygiene

Proper care of hygiene of intimate areas should be known to woman since the earliest age. Irritation of these areas and returning inflammations can significantly lower the quality of life. Taking care of intimate hygiene is individual matter for every women and selection of care product should take under consideration vulnerability to inflammations and additional factors which can cause infections. Inflammation, itching or burning of intimate areas is a problem which is encountered by many women. It causes very large discomfort and constant repetition of this state is becoming a reason for stress, frustration and often also problems with sex life. A problem  such as itching or redness of labia and vaginal vestibule can be experienced or it can be accompanied by vaginal discharge. Onset of inflammation (especially if there are vaginal discharge) forces woman to visit gynaecologist in order to diagnose the cause of affliction but it often happens that despite treatment, inflammations return and a doctor informs patient that this affliction can keep coming back and proposes only symptomatic treatment. Reasons which can influence the return of itching and inflammations of intimate area are different and we should pay attention to such factors as: wearing tight underwear, using underwear made of synthetic and sweatymaterials, increased sweating, allergic reaction to soaps, detergents and deodorants. Other causes which can provoke returns of inflammations in the intimate areas are: depilation, antibiotics treatment, dryness of vagina (e.g. during the menopause), taking COCP or other medicines and systemic diseases such as e.g. diabetes. Women having this problem often try to find a way how to help themselves to minimalize the risk of returning unpleasant state. One of very important factors which influence the return of inflammations is improper care. Using regular soaps, cleansing gels, cleansing cosmetics containing perfumed and colour substances excessively dries and can irritate skin and mucosa causing itching and inflammation. For caring of these especially sensitive areas are recommended specific products which are designated for the hygiene of intimate areas and it is best if they contain lactic acid bacillus which are a natural protective barrier protecting vagina against penetration of bacteria and fungi.  Lactic Acid Bacillus produce lactic acid which is responsible for maintaining proper pH level of vagina. They are especially needed on mucosa of sex organs because they create natural barrier and protect vagina against infections. Lactic Acid Bacillus have also immune modelling and immune stimulating properties – what means the strengthening of cell activity responsible for removing harmful germs, antibodies synthesis, activity stimulating favourable immunological prompt thus mucosa of sex organs can better protect itself against germs.

Dermapharm™ LactaMED™ gels line are the new products of Eveline Cosmetics designated for taking care of intimate areas. LactaMED For Girls gel for intimate hygiene – with physiological pH and LactaMED™ gel for intimate hygiene for everyday use are the two cosmetics meant for every day, regular care. LactaMED™ gynaecological gel for intimate hygiene for irritations and vaginal discharge with pH 3,5 and high content of lactic acid is highly recommended in situations when a woman starts to feel pruritus and burning or when she has a tendency for frequent return of inflammations. During infection pH changes into more alkaline and that is why washing with a gel with lowered pH helps to acidify and to fight the infection. LactaMED™ intimate hygiene gel during pregnancy and after labour with physiological pH is a product taking into consideration pregnancy period and time after labour. Because of the hormones during pregnancy vaginal pH becomes more alkaline and thus the risk of infection is much bigger. Mucosa is plethoric at that time and the amount of vaginal secretion is increasing thus creating favourable conditions for infection and inflammation. Just after labour, crotch area requires particularly gentle care due to the fact of injuries which were results of the labour. Intimate areas should be cleansed more frequently in order to prevent possible superinfections. Using special gel is at this time very important for proper care. Composition of these products is selected the way it regenerates skin and mucosa of intimate areas and restores its natural pH. LactaMED™ gels do not contain traditional soaps, colours, parabens and alcohol. They contain Protect&Care Expert™ complex which helps to restore physiological pH of intimate areas it also soothes and alleviates all irritations. Pro Intima Care™ ingredient contains gentle cleansing substances of natural origin and active ingredients which care for proper balance of microflora of intimate areas. The content of Lactic Acid Bacillus makes that during everyday care there can be delivered substances which are so important for care of these areas. Using intimate hygiene gels is a guarantee of maintaining proper pH in these places and thereby ensures the best care and helps to decrease frequency of returning problematic inflammations.

Bożena Bierzniewska

Specialist dermatologist