Slim Extreme 4D series has received honourable, international title JOY TRENDY 2014 of women magazine JOY.

The aim of competition is to choose best products which are being sold on Polish market. Cosmetics were assessed by the jury which consited of readers and editorial office experts.

Editorial office of JOY magazine based on the indicated criteria: quality, price, design has selected products and by placing them on the web page allowed the readers to vote.

SLIM EXTREME Series for many years has been the Market Leader both in value and in volume. This is innovative cosmetics series for slimming and modeling silhouette among others with argan, gold particles, hialuronic acid, coffeen or diamond microcrystals. These are slimming products combining effectiveness of natural ingredients and modern technologies. They contain elements which effectively support slimming, while at the same time they care to preserve skin's resilience.The line conists of over 20 products.

The secret of SLIM EXTREME line lies in verified by thousands of Polish women effectivenes of these cosmetics. We keep expending this line with highest quality products which composition is advanced technologically. JOY TRENDY prestigious award is a reason for pride, because selection of the best product was made by the readers themself – says Karina Kozerska Marketing Manager of Eveline Cosmetics.

Joy is an international, luxorious women magazine shaping the latest trends. Joy was created for dynamic women who are world curious, who want to be up-to-date. This magazine satisfies needs of every modern woman who takes care of her beauty and enjoys life. This is why fashion, beauty and lifestyle are the categories of JOY TRENDY competition.