Magical CC Cream

Many people ask themself a question what to do to look young longer and if there are methods to move back the time. Ageing cannot be stopped and in reality there is no possibility at the age of forty to look like a twenty year old.

Genetic predispositions, healthy lifestyle, avoiding tobacco smoking, rational diet, using sun protection and well selected care will definitely make us look younger even by a few years.

It is worth underlining that regardless of age we can try to look good. Looked-after, well moisturised complexion, lack of discolourations, maintained flexibility, balanced colouring make the skin look good and the symptoms of the passing time are less visible. In the young age one should mainly pay attention to proper skin moisturisation, care about eye area (it is here where the skin is ageing fastest) and sun protection. Entering mature age on cannot stick to the creams used in the very young age because the skin is expanding its needs. One should chose creams with multi-faceted action, having modern, effective-proved ingredients such as for  example: stem cells extracts, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, retinol, 24-carat gold, diamond microcrystals, collagen, elastin, soy proteins, minerals and vitamins A, E and F. The cream should be composed in such a way to contain ingredients supplementing shortages emerging in the mature skin and substrates which stimulate, revitalize and boost.

A big convenience for many women is the appearance of CC type creams which not only revitalize the skin and fight against ageing symptoms as well as such needed in mature age correction of complexion imperfections, fatigue reduction and colouring brightening. While caring for the mature skin we cannot make mistakes regarding make-up removal and skin cleaning. We cannot use cosmetics which excessively dry the skin and damage protective lipid coat. For make-up removal the best are micellar waters.  In caring we cannot omit eyelids, neck and décolleté. It is never too late to start caring for the skin but the sooner we think about it and skilfully buy cosmetics the longer we retain young and healthy look.