Transformation of three chosen by us readers who have undergone transformation under supervision of professionalists!


Hair reaching below shoulders, lighten hair tips and a hair style looking rather casual are now gone. It was replace by immortal pageboy.

New hair style is most of all shorter hair and classical cut which ideally fits to the facial oval and facial features of Natalia. Deepen colour, carefully lighten with gleams in golden-brown shades perfectly underlines dark eyes.

How to care for such hair style? In order to maintain smooth and shiny hair it is worth to apply regularly conditioner which will moisturise and rebuild hair structure and smoothing oil thanks to which the hair will be shiny and silky smooth.


Long red hair it is a perfect starting point for metamorphosis. Now a bit faded and sad after changes they will be enrapturing with pert and full of energy hair style. 

New look of Karolina is strongly layered, naturally wavy hair in the deep shade of cooper with numerous gleams. The biggest change is heavy, eyes falling fringe which gave the hairstyle a claw and beautifully underlined the eyes.

In order to maintain such hair style for many days, a proper haircare is necessary. Well-chosen shampoo and conditioner are the basis. The perfect set should give volume and strongly regenerate hair structure, protecting their intensive colour at the same time.


Unruly strands in  the warm blond is a past now. A new hair style will be full of class and sexappeal.

Heavy cut – hair was shorten to the line of cheek bones and cold very light blond is a new hairstyle of Aleksandra. Gentle waves give exceptional appeal making that hair gain in volume at the same time.  

In order to maintain the dreamed shape of the hairstyle, we can use a gum for professional hair styling. This product will ideally lift the hair helping with styling and maintaining the hair style throughout the whole day.