Slim Extreme 4D series has received an international Cosmopolitan magazine PRIX DE BEAUTÉ 2014 title in the categorie of popular cosmetics for bodycare.

The aim of competition is to make it easier for the readers – young, active, women who take care of beauty – to choose the best cosmetics available on Polish market.

SLIM EXTREME Series for many years has been the Market Leader both in value and in volume. This is innovative cosmetics series for slimming and modeling silhouette among others with argan, gold particles, hialuronic acid, coffeen or diamond microcrystals. These are slimming products combining effectiveness of natural ingredients and modern technologies. They contain elements which effectively support slimming, while at the same time they care to preserve skin's resilience. The line conists of over 20 products. - The success of SLIM EXTREME line lies in its innovativeness and verified by thousands of Polish women effectiveness. Prix de Beauté prize is one of the most prestigious prizes awarded in cosmetics industry. The choice of readers and professional jury is for us particularly important distinction – says Agnieszka Kamila Nierychlewska, PR Manager Eveline Cosmetics.

Prix de Beauté is one of the most prestigious prizes awarded in cosmetics industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in Poland. Awarded companies receive Prix de Beauté statue depicting diamond on the pedestal. First edition of Prix de Beauté took place in 1993 in Germany. In Poland this competition was inaugurated in 1998 and since then it is very popular. Pevious editions turned out to be a great success. Large number of proposed products is the sign of extraordinary significance and prestige of this competition.