Summer look

Colours madness, vivid colours of flowers and fruits will be a hit of this season. Intensive, neon shades of nail polishes are “must have” of the summer look.

1. In summer due to high temperatures it is hard to keep matt skin look. A perfect solution will be the use of Art Scenic make-up primer.

Unique transparent formula is perfectly spread on the skin, giving long-lasting effect of a fresh matt complexion.

2. Matt Professional foundation will ensure natural complexion look and maximal moisturisation.

Thanks to mineral pigments content it perfectly covers adjusting to the complexion tone.

SPF 10 sunscreen filter will protect against negative influence of sunrays.

3. Ideal finish of the face make-up will be application of transparent powder and a touch of mineral bronzer from Celebrities Beauty series on the cheekbones.

4. Quattro Eyeshadow perfectly sticks to eyelids and stay there for many hours.

Eye drawing and numbered moulds make it easy to professionally apply eye make-up.

5. Black, extended line can not only enlarge an eye but also change its shape.

Eyeliner in felt-tip pen from ArtScenic series has a precise applicator which provides the right amount of mascara ensuring drawing even line for even less experienced hand.

6. Dense range of eyelashes will be provided by using Sos Lash Booster serum. Applied directly before applying mascara will prolong and thicken eyelashes and its regular use will ensure maximal growth and nourishment of eyelashes.

7. Fulfilment of an eye make-up will be perfectly covered eyelashes. Big Volume Lash Waterproof Mascara will extend eyelashes and give them volume and thanks to waterproof formula it can be used during sunbathing or during holiday bathing.

8. Sensual full lips, ultra durable colour and a mirror shine are a task for the lip gloss Lovers Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. Thanks to the content of argan oil it cares lips giving them incredible softness.

9. Mini Max is a fast-drying nail polish with exceptional shine and durability. Original, expressive colours of nail polishes allow to experiment as well as to join them e.g. painting every nail in different colour, what makes you stand out in the crowd.