Wedding look

Special day, special dress, special make-up in this special time.

On the wedding day every lady wants to look exceptional because she will attract the look of her future husband and all the guests.

What should be done if we want the weeding make-up to be exceptionally durable and look good on photos and what important to ideally underline the beauty of the bride?

Eveline Cosmetics has prepared 12 practical advices for that day:

1. Make-up durability and matt look will be given by Art Scenic Foundation.

2. All complexion’s imperfections, bruising around eye can be covered with liquid concealer. Thanks to the high content of mineral pigments and light consistency it conceals very well and is practically invisible.

3. The tone will be evened by IdealStay foundation. Long-lasting effect 12 h formula ensures reliable durability of the make-up for long hours.

4. The skin will be matted with Celebrities compact powder which will adjust to the complexion’s tone and thanks to elegant powder-box with a mirror it can be used for delicate make-up improvements during the ceremony.

5. Eye’s depth will be exposed with Eyeshadow, which perfectly stick to the eyelid thus they are extremely durable. Specially selected formula allows for a nice colours penetrations on the eyelids. Delicate particles give subtle illumination giving the make-up exceptional character.

6. A line drawn on the upper eyelid will optically dense eyelashes and will allow to correct eye’s shape. Eyeliner Celebrities thanks to biphasic consistency is exceptionally durable, moisture resistant as well as frequent changes of temperatures thus the make-up looks fresh for a long time.

7. Dreams about having thick and long eyelashes will come true with Sos Lash Booster Serum. Applied directly before applying mascara will prolong and thicken eyelashes and its regular use will ensure maximal growth and nourishment of eyelashes.

8. Dense, extended eyelashes will be provided by extremely durable formula of Mega Size Lashes mascara. It does not dust and rain, sweat and tears will not smudge it.

9. Optical regulation of the eyebrows will be provided by the eyebrow concealer Art Professional Make-Up which will gently dim and lustre them.

10. Lipstick smudging will be prevented by Max Intense Colour lip liner which at the same time is correcting the shape of the lips.

11. Depth of lips colour will be obtained with Aqua Platinium lipstick. Gentle and innovative formula nourishes, smoothes out lips giving them gentle shine.

12. Well-cared nails are indispensable element of the weeding make-up. On the wedding day everybody will look also at hands. Colour Instant nail polish is a fast-drying and long-lasting nail polish. Flat brush facilitate perfect application of the nail polish just after one move. Wide colour variety will allow to adjust the right shade of nail polish.