Weight loss

Summer helps to lose weight and to improve silhouette. Warm months encourage to move, practice sport, the appetite is reduced. Coming home after an active day it is good to think what else can be done for our body. It is worth to replace late supper with light salad, instead of sweet snacks it is better to eat vegetables or fruits which are most tasty and most valuable in summer.

Taking care of skin we can use wide range of body products directed at skin cosmetics and increased slimming effects. Body oils ideally match with summer. They perfectly moisturise, guarantee increased skin flexibility and their specific formula improves tone, quickly reduces dryness and adds glow. The latest generations of body oils not only have so called “dry formula” – what means that they do not leave greasy layer but they also contain in their composition active substances influencing the skin thus microcirculation can be improved, they also support the struggle against cellulite and stretch marks. Providing skin with moisturisation during slimming is very important because it prevents from skin’s flabbiness.


Oils containing such ingredients as: argan oil, sunflower oil, rosemary oil, soybean oil and vitamin E are highly recommended. Thanks to such ingredients skin is provided with precious vitamins and microelements. They guarantee, such needed in summer, antioxidant action and the rebuild of lipid barrier. Dry, inflexible, flabby skin even with perfect weight looks bad and that is why we cannot neglect everyday moisturisation with products improving flexibility. Oils can be used independently or as a supplementation of other cosmetics.

Bożena Bierzniewska